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"East is the new West” is seeking artists' books and printed matter, artists' multiples and non-catalogue publications produced by artists and organizations in Atlantic Canada, to be exhibited and sold at a booth for the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, being held at the Vancouver Art Gallery on October 17 & 18.

HALIFAX, September 16

Nova Scotia submissions should be dropped off at Eyelevel Gallery’s office (Suite 101, 5663 Cornwallis Street), on September 15 or 16, during office hours (12 – 5).

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PROGRAM 2015-16

Our Annual Call has passed, please sign up to our mailing list to receive news about forthcoming applications.

Having already announced a move to an online submission process, paper submissions received after April 2014 will not be considered, unless previously arranged.



Eyelevel Gallery's Membership Committee is seeking submissions for Members' Projects. At this time, we have two opportunities available:

B) Members' Gallery
5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 101
The wall is located inside the gallery’s office space, and is approximately 13 running feet.
Deadline for submissions March 21st

Members of Eyelevel Gallery may submit images and a description of the work to eyelevelmembership@gmail.com. To inquire about membership please contact director@eyelevelgallery.ca



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