Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative 6: Labour & Leisure

April 12, 2014May 12, 2014

Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative 6: Labour & Leisure
12 April – 12 May 2014

SEND OFF: Saturday 12 April 2014, 2pm
Come to the parking lot at 5663 Cornwallis (across from DeeDee’s) to wave ERI 6 “bon voyage!”

Eyelevel Gallery launches its offsite exhibition program by taking the 6th Printed Matter Biennale on the road. Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative 6: Labour & Leisure will pack into a rented car and tour artist-run centres in the Atlantic Region. We will host and participate in a variety of programming in each location—artist’s talks, critical dinners, performances, peer-to-peer discussions, interviews, and drop-ins. 

What does 'productivity' mean in an art context? In an industrial context, the word refers to increased production with the goal of profit. How do we discuss productivity as artists—and other post-industrial workers? ERI 6: Labour & Leisure proposes the production of printed matter and multiples as a strategy for re-imagining hands-on work as both leisure and labour. Both casual and critical, the content of the exhibition and its structure consider these issues.

13 April, 1pm at ASAP (Antigonish, NB) for a peer-to-peer discussion about alternative artist-run centre models
16/17 April at Struts (Sackville, NB), interviewing artist -in-residence, Kyle Whitehead and attending his screening.
22 April at This town is small (Charlottetown, PE) for Sandi Hartling artist’s talk with in conjunction with Somewheres at Confederation Centre.
24 April at the Fairbanks (Lunenburg, NS) for The Lunenburger Queen performance and pop up restaurant by Kara Highfield and Andrew Maize.
28/29 April Galerie Sans Nom/Imago (Moncton, NB)
3 May, 2pm
 at Connexion ARC (Fredericton, NB) with Eastern Edge (St. John’s, NL)for skyped in artist’s talk with Camilla and opening of a studio collective’s Shift Work.
5 May at ARTsPLACE (Annapolis Royal, NS) for an evening of artist's trading cards.
May back to Halifax for a tailgate party.



Details about events, and tour content will be updated regularly on www.reshelving.ca

Support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Young Canada Works, Arts Nova Scotia and the Support4Culture Arts Innovation Program is gratefully acknowledged.



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