Eyelevel Gallery is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to the presentation, development and promotion of contemporary art. Through a range of programming initiatives such as exhibitions, performances, special projects, and workshops, Eyelevel Gallery has provided a forum for the discussion and education of contemporary visual art for 40 years.

Eyelevel Gallery Society evolved from Inventions Gallery, established in 1972 by a group of female artists. In 1974, Inventions changed its name to Eyelevel Gallery and opened its membership to include male artists. The gallery offered an alternative to the mandates and practices of established art institutions. In addition to its visual arts program, Eyelevel Gallery sponsored other cultural activities including music and dance performances. This support led to the development of two other artist-run organizations in Halifax—Live Art Dance and the Centre for Art Tapes. Eyelevel Gallery recently dedicated its program to projects outside of the formal gallery. Our new office space will remain an active hub for our membership and the public, providing access to The Inventions Library & Archives, and Eyelevel Bookstore. Members opportunities as broad and wandering as our exhibition program now fall under the responsibilities of the Eyelevel Membership Committee.


Staff and Directors

Eyelevel staff

Executive Director
Katie Belcher

Board of directors

Sean Farmer, Chair
Bethany Riordan-Butterworth, Vice Chair
Matthew Peters, Treasurer
Jack Wong, Secretary

Board Members
Claire Dykhuis, Programming Chair
Gary Markle
Maeghan Banks
Sally Raab
Dave LeRue
Marlene Ramos